Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kirby Turns 3!

I hope to update this on a regular basis to let our friends/family know our adventures (and misadventures) with our furry bundle of joy- Kirby!
Yang and I just celebrated Kirby's birthday on Monday- he turned 3! He's still a young pup with LOADS of energy. As part of his celebration, we took him out to dinner (ie taking him to a restaurant with an outdoor patio & him being tied to the table). Nevertheless, he enjoyed being out & about and all the attention he received. He is such a ham!
We came back home & gave him a pig's ear as a treat. He took it immediately to his dog house to devour and finished it in 30 mins!! This dog has one crazy appetite. We'll remember not to give this treat to him in the evening- cause was he so hyper! Just ran around the house for a good two hours and chasing his non-existent tail. He finally tired himself out and ended the night snuggling up to us on the bed. It was a great birthday and we look forward to more fun bdays down the line.